Our Services

Welcome to PiorSoft

PiorSoft provides a range of services for businesses, including modernization, software development, infrastructure support, and team culture and strategy training. The company promises three key principles to customers: 24/7 support, evolving business processes with modern technologies like AI and machine learning, and 100% customer satisfaction. PiorSoft’s software development services include website, web application, mobile application, and desktop application development, as well as cloud integrations and automation. The company also offers services to set up and support IT infrastructure, manage social media accounts, and train teams on standardization, leadership, and documentation.


We offer capturing the essence of business and evolving it using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to maximize the impact of these businesses. 

We can leverage capabilities such as Open AI to: 

  • Streamline communications with customers. 
  • Digest the documentation of any domain and offer an easy-to-use service for employees to find answers. 
  • Streamline mundane processes such as proposals, technical documentations and reviews and all other ordinary non-creative efforts that can be minimized leveraging this new capability. 

Businesses that will be able to converge into a streamlined process and autonomous routines using modern A.I technologies are more likely to compete in the new market and be able to exceed obtaining and retaining customers. 

Software Development 

We offer the following capabilities for software development as follows: 


We offer services to develop full websites for new and existing businesses. We handle SEO and web ranking on popular search engines to bring the right customer and the proper visibility to the business. 

Web Applications

We also develop end-to-end web applications such as web portals, internal and external systems and management systems that connects to storage and queries data. 

This also includes Web systems for managing employees, HR needs, Finances and any other needs for the business. 

Mobile Applications

We offer services in developing mobile applications on Android & iOS. This includes internal enterprise mobile applications as well as external customer-facing applications. 

Desktop Applications

We also offer developing internal and external desktop applications for businesses of any size. These applications can be cross-platform – so it may run on Windows, Linux, or Apple systems. 

Cloud Migrations

We offer services in providing cloud migrations both from on-premise to Microsoft Azure or from any other cloud providers to Azure. Additionally we also offer consultation on the best option in terms of hybrid cloud infrastructure to meet our customers best prices.

Cloud Integrations

We offer working with multiple cloud platforms such as Azure and AWS to architect and build resources to support data digestion and processing along with monitoring, alerting and pipelines integrations. 


We offer services to automated testing, build and release pipelines CI/CD and integration with systems such as ADO, GitHub, and Jira. 

Our automation also includes several types of testing such as Acceptance, Integration, Systems testing and all other E2E testing requirements. 

Social Media

We offer services to manage social media accounts, bringing visibility and providing contents through videos, blogging and pictures to drive the right audience to the business. 


The other aspect of our services also includes setting up and supporting the entire IT infrastructure for any business. This includes the following services: 

  • Setting up SharePoint sites. 
  • Email Servers 
  • Messaging and Communication Platforms (Teams, Slack … etc.) 
  • Dynamics Internal sites for information management 

Team Culture & Strategy

Every engineering or business team culture could leverage training and mentoring to evolve their skillsets and maximize their impact at the individual level from a career perspective and at the business level from a market perspective. Here’s what we can offer: 

Standardization Training 

We can train your software engineering teams on modern engineering patterns and practices such as: 

  • Test-Driven Development 
  • Pair Programming 
  • Design and Architecture Modern Principles 
  • Team Culture, Agile Development, and the Art of Diversity & Inclusion 
  • Leadership training and coaching in making decisions.